We work with the following types organizations:

  • Foundations & Grant-making Organizations 
  • Refugees & Migrants
  • Social Entrepreneurs (for profit, nonprofit, blended models) 
  • Impact Investors
  • Non-governmental Organizations serving refugees and migrants 
  • Civil Society Organizations 
  • Creative entrepreneurs 
  • Private Sector Organizations
  • Conveners & Summit Organizers

           We provide the following services: 

  • Origination and Pipeline Development 
  • Global Due Diligence
  • Intermediary Solution to Connect Multiple Stakeholders
  • Access to innovative & highly impactful organizations  
  • Introductions to funders (both grant-making and return-seeking)
  • Impact Reporting 
  • Grant-making opportunities  
  • Direct and indirect investment opportunities 
  • Content Development for Conferences, Summits and other Convenings
  • Story-telling & Shifting the Narratives  
  • Ongoing Needs Assessments for Field Organizations (NGOs, Civil Society, Governments, etc) 
  • Speaking Engagements  

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