Our Partners


Nexus Initiative on Refugees and forced displacement

NEXUS is a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. The Initiative on Refugees and Forced Displacement  is to reframe the ‘refugee crisis’, raise awareness for the intersectionality of forced displacement and mobilize resources and individuals to invest in high impact solutions changing lives of forcibly displaced people around the globe.

open migration 

A project of the Italian organization, CILD (the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights), Open Migration aims to change the narrative of the migration crisis through understanding and uplifting the actual data and research.

scalabrini international migration network

SIMN is an umbrella organization founded by the Congregation of St. Charles, the Scalabrinians with over 250 entities serving people on the move around the globe. Including the Center for Migration Studies. 

Refugees deeply 

Refugees Deeply is an independent media project dedicated to covering the refugee crisis, a part of News Deeply, a media startup and social enterprise. Over the last year since it has launched, Refugees Deeply and its team of reporters have been on the cutting edge of covering the refugee crisis and its complexities. 


Global whole being fund 

The Global Whole Being Fund is a donor advised fund focused on supporting grassroots, holistic responses to forced migration. They have a strong focus on filling the gaps in emergency, humanitarian and resettlement support. 

help refugees uk

Help Refugees is the leading UK NGO in a new movement of humanitarian aid. Acting where governmental and other non-governmental bodies are unable to, they are working to fill the huge and terrifying gaps in services for those displaced by war in Europe and beyond. With no bureaucracy and minimal overheads, every pound they raise can be traced to its tangible impact on the ground.

international screening solutions

Through their World Watch Plus solution we are able to screen every organization and group we work with for FCPA compliance and thus enhance our already robust due diligence process.  


A cross-convening strategy and initiative of Conveners.org to move the dialogue forward and uplift solutions towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Humans on the Move is an active participant in the inaugural launch of SDG4: Education in Communities of Forced Displacement. 

Youth empowerment alliance

The Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. (YEA) is an international NGO focused on the creation, implementation and advisement of global projects that enhance the lives of children. YEA has an affiliation or media partner in 193 countries and territories.